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3 Ways Content Marketing Will Help Your Hotel Website’s SEO

Content marketing is an ultra powerful tool for digital marketers with myriad benefits across the board.
From brand building and engagement to generating increased online exposure, working as a link building asset and powering conversions, there are no shortage of reasons to harness the power of content marketing for your hotel website.

However, one of the key reasons that content marketing has risen to the fore in the last 12 to 18 months is its potential contribution to SEO. As a hotel marketer, any SEO asset that you can get your hands on should be firmly embraced (providing of course it is white hat and effective).

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Here, we’ve rounded up three of the most compelling reasons to use the power of content marketing to drive your SEO efforts onwards.

1.  Content IS the driving force of SEO
Content is and always has been the driving force of SEO. While search engine optimisation as a practise is split into onpage and offpage activities, both with very different areas of responsibility, content is the one thing they have in common. Content as the driving force of SEO activity shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, even if you are still fairly new to the complexities of search engine marketing.

Google is a business just like any other and, it strives to deliver the best possible experience to its customers – search users. When then turn to Google to answer a question or find a product or service, they are trusting the search engine to return the most relevant results. In essence, what they’re doing is asking Google to comb through all of the content it indexes to provide them with the most helpful information.

The more good quality, useful, original and detailed content you have on your site, the easier you make it for any search engine to determine what you are about and which search queries you can assist with. This is SEO at work in practical terms and it’s driven by content.

2. Content marketing keeps your site up to date and relevant
If you fail to use content marketing, your hotel site becomes easy prey to competitors. It will fall stagnant, be out of date and easy for both search engines and potential visitors to class you as out of a touch. This can have a direct impact on your keyword rankings. A regular influx of new content, in the form of blog posts, articles, infographics, listicles and other content formats shows visitors and search engines alike that you’re open for business. It also acts as food for Google’s spiders, giving them more and more insight and more direction as to which keywords your site should rank well for.

3. Content marketing is essential for link building
While influencer marketing is growing in popularity, it can be an expensive way to build links and awareness for your property. There is a cost involved – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars – and you’ll typically need to provide free accommodation and use of amenities such as bar and restaurant. Links also need to be tagged as sponsored.

Content marketing however provides a continual tool for relevant, good quality link building via third party sites and social media. If you invest in content marketing and take care to produce unique, high quality and useful content, links will accrue naturally. A wide range of links, from various sources, with relevant anchor text, is the currency of SEO and can help to drive your site up the search results pages.