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3 Things Your Hotel Site Should Invest In To Boost Bookings

With competition to create the best website in your industry at fever pitch, it’s critical to ensure your site is keeping up with smart, intuitive features which help visitors to browse available rooms, compare rates and book their desired room quickly and easily.

As the digital home of your hotel brand, your website is your strongest and most important sales tool. It’s the place visitors will naturally gravitate to and, only by a process of continual investment and analysis, will you succeed in converting these website visitors into hotel guests. With so much choice when it comes to digital tools, take note of these three things you should invest in to ensure your hotel website’s design is flawless and primed for guest conversions.

Booking engine

1. Superb Content
Content is the engine that drives all modern marketing efforts, and so the importance of superb, well-targeted and professionally produced content simply can’t be overstated. Investing a little in making sure your web copy is the best it can possibly be is one of the greatest things you can do to ensure long-term success. Whether you’re seeking to establish your hotel brand as a thought-leader in the industry or, the hottest address in town for a particular city or region, content is king.

Some ideas for brilliant content include:

  Articles and blog posts covering the latest trends.
 Video content for increased engagement.
  Infographics explaining complex ideas with visually appealing graphics (great for sharing!).
 Interviews either with your own staff, guests or even famous faces or business owners from the local  area.
 Guest reviews to help encourage browsers to make bookings.

2. Faster Page Load Speeds
There is no time for slow web pages in 2017. Customers are increasingly searching and purchasing on mobile devices, and expect speed as standard. Research shows page abandonment increases as page load time creeps up. With everything else moving so fast, don’t underestimate how off-putting it can be to wait for a page to load. With every second that passes, the likelihood of your traffic leaving and going elsewhere spikes up exponentially. Investing in intuitive, responsive designs can ensure your website remains top of the pack. A few ways to get your website up to speed:

 Perform a speed test on your site to identify key areas to improve
 Consider AMP optimising your site to cut through the clutter and make the most of your hotel websites design
 Use CSS instead of greedy images wherever possible
 A quick and user-friendly online booking engine for hotels

3. Mobile Payment Buttons
The need for mobile optimisation is closely tied with the first two critical components of a great hotel site. On a website which isn’t optimised for mobile access, vital elements like the all-important payment button can be lost. Investing in a mobile payment button solves this problem and helps maximize bookings regardless of the device used to access the site.

Portals which offer custom payment buttons for mobile include:


By making sure all of these elements are taken into consideration, you can be sure to build a website which draws customers closer towards making that all important booking!

Whatever your booking issue, we’ve got you covered. Digital Hotelier are experts in marketing for the hotel industry, and know all about how to build the perfect online booking engine for hotels. Get in touch to find out how we can help improve your hotel website’s design.