Digital Marketing


The hotel industry is notoriously competitive, and staying ahead of the competition means ensuring your brand is well-communicated through your marketing and branding. Any advantage, however small, could make the difference between your own occupancy rates tracking upwards at a steady pace or losing bookings to rivals.

Many hotel brands are concerned as to how best to handle their marketing – and there is an ongoing debate as to whether it is to go it alone or outsource to a specialist team.  While this is not specific to the hospitality industry, in such a competitive market, it is a pressing consideration and a decision which can way heavy on hotel marketing teams. If you’re concerned your in-house marketing efforts aren’t up to standard or you simply don’t have the vast pool of expertise needed within your own team to effectively cover all bases, it might be time to invest in a hotel digital marketing agency. Calling in the experts can help maximise the revenue-boosting potential of all the marketing opportunities available to your hotel.
Here are a few of the key signs it might be time to hand some or all of your hotel marketing over to the professionals…

You Lack Hotel Marketing Expertise In One or More Channels
Digital marketing is unavoidable for the modern hotel manager, but it’s also a constantly evolving entity – learning the ropes continuously when it’s not your main job or area of interest could prove time consuming at best. By contrast, a hotel digital marketing agency will know the correct way to implement a digital campaign across a range of channels, and can help guide you through the process of choosing the right marketing mix to suit your brand – with the expertise and experience to help make your digital goals into a reality through clever, targeted, tactical execution.

Digital Marketing

If you are confident your content creation is up to the task but have no SEO expertise in house, appointing a digital marketing agency to handle that aspect of your marketing activity is a smart move. Likewise, if your team doesn’t excel at email marketing or your social media isn’t making the impact it should, an expert third party partner could fill in the gaps to give a more well-rounded presence.

Your Current Marketing Isn’t Cost Effective
While there is a commonly held notion that hiring an exterior digital marketing agency rather than handling everything in-house will be the more costly option, often this is far from the case. Consider the costs of hiring a full-time, in-house employee to handle all your digital marketing needs. That’s a costly sum to find for a role which will require a hugely specialised skillset – meaning you could end up suffering from either a cash or skills shortage if going it alone. Alternately, agencies bring a wealth of experience to hotel marketing and have a pool of talent. Being able to access the more extensive resources and skill set helps you fill more rooms without tying you down to full-time hours and full-time pay.

You Struggle To Keep Up With Trends
A talented hotel digital marketing agency will know exactly how to make sure your marketing efforts remain at the very cutting edge of the latest tools and technology trends, helping to refine your marketing methods. A strong brand should be aware of some of the marketing ideas on the horizon, helping you to adapt, survive and thrive within the hospitality sector.