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3 Signs Your Hotel’s Reputation Needs To Be Addressed

Reputation management is one of the most important hotel marketing strategies out there. In a world of TripAdvisor reviews, online customer service and word-of-mouth marketing, it’s never been more vital to ensure your hotel is coming across as a desirable and appealing place to stay.

So how can you tell if your hotel’s reputation needs a boost? And how can you manage your reputation more effectively? Here are five signs you need to address your hotel’s reputation, and some tips to help you along the way.


More Complaints
One key sign that your reputation has taken a dip is a rise in customer complaints. Whether this is complaints in person at your reception desk, or online complaints on your Facebook or Twitter pages, it shows that your hotel is perceived as having poor quality rooms, services, staff or food.

Addressing the issue: Make a note of the most common complaints and take measures to resolve them, fast. Whether it’s an issue with your catering staff, noise complaints in certain areas of the hotel, or poor maid service, make sure you’re taking action, rather than allowing the complaints to grow and dominate your online presence.

Bad Reviews
Review websites like TripAdvisor and Expedia are becoming increasingly important in helping potential customers make decisions about their travel. Consistently poor reviews are a sure sign your hotel is suffering from a reputation problem – and the public nature of these reviews means they can put off potential guests from experiencing your hotel for themselves.

Addressing the issue: As with the complaints, make a note of the most common problems and address them, fast. You should also publicly respond to the people leaving bad reviews, thanking them for their feedback magnanimously and showing that you care about improving experiences for guests.

Trouble Attracting Talent
If you’re finding it hard to attract the top talent to your hotel, in any of your departments, it could be a sign that your poor reputation is spreading. The best chefs, mixologists, housekeeping supervisors and event planners in the industry don’t want to work for a hotel that is plagued with bad reviews, regular complaints and declining sales.

Addressing the issue: Consider bringing in a new member of staff to fix your reputation! As your reputation as a good employer improves, you’ll be able to bring in more talent, which in turn will result in better experiences for guests. It’s a cycle that requires a little time to gain momentum, but it’s important that you strive to make your hotel a great place to work.
Further tips for managing your hotel’s reputation:

  Reputation management is not a one-off activity, or even something you can do on a monthly basis. You should be proactively seeking to manage your reputation in real-time, rather than leaving bad reviews and online complaints without a response.
  Don’t use templates for responses – try to personalize every communication you have with customers, especially if they’re angry!
•  If a customer has had a truly bad experience, make it up to them with a discount, a free gift or some other kind of peace offering. Don’t get into the habit of handing these out after every minor complaint, but be aware that a small gift like this can go a long way!

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