Hotel Revenue Management

3 Reasons To Choose Digital Hoteliers To Grow Your Own Channel Revenue

Choosing the right digital partner for your hotel business can be a complex, time-consuming and confusing process. With so many agencies all claiming to know the hotel business best, how do you know how to choose?
Digital Hotelier is different. With a team of hotel marketing specialists and our own advanced booking engine, proven to help increase direct bookings, we know exactly what it takes to boost your revPar, generate more direct bookings and reduce dependence on OTAs. We also know how to create user-friendly hotel websites and have a crack team of digital marketing experts for SEO, social media and mobile app marketing.
All in all, it’s fair to say that Digital Hotelier is a premier partner offering tried and tested services to hotel marketers and hoteliers who seek to enhance the effectiveness of their online marketing channels in order to boost revenue and enhance their web presence.
Here are the top 3 reasons to partner with Digital Hotelier in order to grow your hotel’s channel revenue:
1. Our Varied Hotel Distribution Channels Solutions
Few companies can boast as many varied and customisable options for growing your channel revenue as Digital Hotelier. Whatever your needs, we have the hotel distribution channels to suit.
Hotel Website Design:
Digital Hotelier can provide you with an exemplary hotel website design which delivers your guests with a superior first point of contact. Fully branded and with SEO optimisation as standard, our digital designers and UX specialists create clean, easy to use websites which make a great first impression.
Hotel Booking Engine:
In need of a fantastic booking engine which helps power your hotel to increased bookings success? Then look no further than Digital Hotelier! We can create a custom-built, fully integrated hotel booking engine for your hotel, including a fully optimised guest journey from start to finish. This also ensures a personalised booking experience so you can use customer data more efficiently for marketing in future.
Rate Comparison Tool:
The ideal way to demonstrate your hotel’s superior value next to the competition, the rate comparison tool from Digital Hotelier helps to make the most of your hotel’s value proposition as well as boosting revenue through direct sales.
2. Our Superb Hotel Digital Marketing Services
Digital marketing is an essential component of any successful hotel’s marketing strategy and essential to your hotel distribution channels performance. Here at Digital Hotelier we have the expertise and experience to help make the very best of your hotel’s digital efforts. Whether seeking to undertake a paid advertising campaign for instant exposure, improve your online presence with optimisation for organic search results and increased traffic, boost your online reputation through reputation marketing or aggregate rates and reviews with meta search so as to increase exposure, grow revenue and get more online bookings, Digital Hotelier can help.
3. Our Fantastic Value for Money
At Digital Hotelier, we know that value for money matters in the busy hotel trade, and that’s why we offer all of our services at superb competitive rates, meaning you’ll never have to worry about feeling short-changed! Get in touch with us today to find out more or request a demo of our booking engine.