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Every hotelier wants their hotel to improve their SEO efforts, but with so many unclear tactics floating around the web, it’s easy to get confused as to how exactly SEO success can be achieved. Here are the top ten things true SEO experts can teach you about ensuring your hotel reaches its search engine optimisation goals:

1. SEO is Based on Strategy, Not Tricks 
Lots of SEO ‘experts’ will try and sell the idea of SEO tricks which can catapult your hotel to the top of search engine results in double-quick time. However it really isn’t that simple or straightforward. Succeeding at SEO is about the continual implementation of search engine best practices rather than tricking search engines into helping your rankings.

2. Local Search Is Very Important for Hotel Marketing 
Hotels are by their very nature local. Yours might be functioning under the umbrella of a national or even international brand, but it is ultimately still based in a physical location, branch by branch. Improving results for different venues with local search through Google is a great way of improving your search presence. Local search is a crucial weapon when it comes to winning more bookings so make sure it’s part of your search engine optimisation for hotels.  

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3. Relevant Links Are Crucial 
The relevancy of the links on your website – whether incoming or outgoing – really do matter with regard to building an effective SEO strategy. Be careful who takes care of your SEO strategy, as unhealthy link back activities will lead to search engine penalties. Relevant and good quality links are so important that this, over and above most other SEO tips, should be a piece of advice that you heed.

4. SEO is Clever Business Practice
SEO is simply another business strategy. There is nothing magical or mystical about it, and the tactics you implement are representative merely of new and evolving ways of increasing your hotel’s revenue and boosting hotel bookings.

5. Your Page Descriptions Count 
It might not seem the most crucial of SEO tips, but meta tags help tell search engines what your hotel does, adding descriptive content to each page which can then be indexed.

6. Content Is King 
As SEO algorithms are continuously updated to ensure more valid and valuable search results appear for search terms, the importance of content which is kept relevant to your hotel and regularly updated only grows in importance.

7. Good Content Matters 
Keywords still matter, but the importance of your content in SEO terms depends much more about overall readability and relevance than it does stuffing your blog posts and website with poorly written copy.

8. Understand The ‘Why’ To Your SEO Strategy 
Understanding why your hotel is implementing an SEO strategy helps to ensure its validity, refining techniques to meet your overall goals.

9. Speak Search Engine Language 
Take the time to understand a little about how and why search engines index content as they do. This will help all your SEO activity have greater strength and validity.

10. Ask the Experts 
If you’re not sure how to make the most of your SEO activity, contact an expert on search engine optimisation for hotels to help plot the best course of action.